Natasha Charges Youths on Social Justice, Nation Building

The founder, Builders Hub Impact Investment Program, BHIIP, and aspirant vying to represent Kogi Central Senatorial District at the upper chamber, Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti on Saturday charged Nigerian youths to seek for social justice to have sustainable peace in the society.

Natasha who spoke on the role of youths in nation building at the Rotaract district 9125 investiture ceremony of Barrister David Bello ESQ as the 10th District Rotaract Representative held at Afims Hotel, Okene, noted that youths have been told on the role of youths in nation building on different fora but the world has failed to record peace over time because while respecting the societal standing order, youths failed to seek for social justice, and advocate for their rights for the fear of being persecuted.

She noted that every human being is expected to operate on just laws adding that while the youths respect the said laws they failed to stand for their subdued rights.

She explained that to have sustainable peace, the youths must start asking question like, "what can we do to have sustainable peace other than what we have been told to do as citizens."

According to her, sustainable peace entails that the youths must stand for the truth even if means the individual championing it is standing alone.

She stated that law and order play pivotal role in enhancing societal peace, explaining that law is dynamic and the youths must be ready to find their right while advocating for justice.

"Our society failed to develop because our laws are stagnant, we are still using laws handed over to us by the colonial masters, the same laws that have been repelled and changed by the colonialist. We are not only operating on foreign laws but laws that are obsolete", Natasha said.

She stressed that to have sustainable peace, the youths must begin to find their voices and stand for justice without being intimidated.

She quickly pointed out that the youths don't have to be violent,  explaining that those who have been following her on the struggle to resuscitate Ajaokuta will understand that advocating for the right thing means indepth research, and being ready to defied the status quo.

"To have sustainable peace, you must not only respect and maintain the standing order in the society but you must be ready to stand to defend the truth, seek for social justice and fight for it.

"When I started the struggle for Ajaokuta steel revival, I put my life beyond the redline, and I was ready to die because of it.

"Everybody is a nation builder, you don't have to go to war to be a nation builder, intellectually you can build a nation, stand for just cause and be ready to defend it come what may", she said.

Reacting to question on how she can balance being an activist and a politician and leading the struggle for Ajaokuta steel revival, Natasha said when she started the struggle to give life to Ajaokuta over the years, she didn't  imagine delving into politics but she discovered that there is need to be in a position of authority to speed up the struggle and make a difference in the Nigeria political history, explaining that it will be an injustice to decline the call of her people.

"As it is, Ajaokuta has no law guiding its operation which means if it start working today it will go down again because there is nothing to checkmate any excesses", she said

She noted that after her March 2018 presentation at the National Assembly, the lawmakers have started drafting laws that will guide the operation of the steel sector, adding that if it can take three years to achieve this height imaginne the number of years it will take for Ajaokuta to start working, the much reason she believed there is need to be part of those that stir the ship.

According to her, she is going
into politics to be a career politician but to make a difference, saying it is the reason she decided to set the precedent in the political history of Nigeria to be the first aspirant to publish her educational documents.

Earlier, the new district representative of Retaract 9125, Barrister David Bello noted that Rotaract which is the oldest youth club in the world is aimed at giving humanitarian service around the world and they have been able to execute project for societal use which are unprecedented in the history of non governmental organization.

To appreciate the giant stride of Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti, the Rotaract club gave her leadership award in human rights, and presented a book authored by Jegede Mathew, founder Future Ray International School written to celebrate the uncommon strides of Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti.


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